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(non-)friendly recommendations

This month I’ve made two purchases of creations created by creative friends. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but I think it might just be the first time I can unequivocally, without any element of doubt, say that I would have been overwhelmingly happy to have made these purchases, even if I had […]

not all

my new macbook pro and physical copy of ableton suite have been delivered, but i have yet to open them. instead i’ve been just playing and singing. i’m trying to get in the habit of actually practising songs, y’know, so they sound somewhat decent. while i was at it, i decided to record some. and […]

all i need

my friend sarah – who helped me out a lot on i am doing this to hurt you, contributing vocals to two songs and assisting me in writing another – has made a whole bunch [12 at the mo] of her own songs available for free download via her iLike page – beautiful stuff – […]