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ready? prepared? music?

the RPM challenge is to record an album in a month. basically it’s NaNoWriMo, except with music. and in february. i did it myself the last three years, working to the point of near-collapse each time, but ending up with some stuff i’m pretty proud of. this year, for a number of reasons, i’ve decided […]

it’s in our bones forever

Pictures of Montevideo, Speak,See,Surrender’s contribution to the 2009 RPM challenge, is a wonderfully layered, astoundingly melodic album. it also has a nice nautical motif running through it. my favourite track is called ‘Overboard’. i’d wanted to post about it a while ago, but the rpmchallenge site was undergoing some major reworking, rendering it temporarily unavailable. […]

unused clips: 104 free samples

i am doing this to hurt you came about in a fashion not unlike the initial plan from the achievement test thing: record some improvisation [mainly on electric guitar] sample the recordings from these samples, construct a few pieces add some live [probably acoustic] instruments and possibly some vocals in the case of the album, […]

i am doing this to hurt you – NEW ALBUM

completed, just about on time for the 2009 rpm challenge: for free download: click here to stream : click here contains a PDF with great great great artwork/photography by andrew morris. the album itself features contributions from: kara adams, colm bates, sarah daly, jose r. duque, lizzie moore, courtney pruette and colm prunty. enjoy! ***NOTE***: […]

the bottom line

ever since i moved to japan, something had been missing from my life. not anymore: read all about it.