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RPM 2012 – Day 1: Breaking the Silence

Last night – after midnight, of course –  I sketched out a rough plan of what things, subject-wise, the album might cover. I’m sort of approaching it in the same way as Secret Battle and Inaccurate Charm, where the idea is to chronologically deal with a certain chunk of time in my life. Though, while those two […]

RPM 2012 – Ramping Up: Split Myself In Two

After remaining on the sidelines for 2010 and 2011, this year, I am once again going participate in the RPM Challenge. For the unfamiliar: RPM stands for Record Production Month – the challenge being to write and record an album within the month of February. I have previously taken part in and completed the challenge three times, […]

New Year’s Music Resolutions…

In terms of musical creativity, 2010 was a pretty bad year. I wrote a grand total of only four songs – each hastily recorded as bare-bones demos and left as such. I was certain that 2011 would yield a whole lot more new stuff. Seems I was wrong. Although I was a more productive, most […]