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Blast From The Past: Not That Hard to Demo You?

Trawling through external hard drives sometimes yields some fruitful (re-) discoveries. In this evening’s case, it was stumbling across my original demo for ‘hard to please’. This song ending up being received quite well when I “finished” it for the people person album – and also when I played it live. This demo was (mostly) […]

put on your good shoes, baby

[audio:http://www.davidding.com/audio/album/peopleperson/05_good_shoes.mp3|titles=good shoes|artists=’david ding’] ‘good shoes’ from people person [download mp3] one of my more straightforwardly mean songs, i.e. it doesn’t hide the meanness beneath jangly chords and melodies. but it’s still somewhat fun… at least for me it is! if you’d like to remix this track, loops/tracks/parts are available to download on hitRECord.org…

people person photo shoot

On 1 November, 2009, my friend Amy and I got together with a camera and a whole load of glowsticks to shoot photos for the people person album cover. Most of these photos have remained unseen …until now! Here are a selection from the shoot:

you say you want nothing?

[audio:http://www.davidding.com/audio/album/peopleperson/08_want_nothing.mp3|titles=want nothing|artists=david ding] Ripe for remixing: ‘Want Nothing’ [mp3], from last year’s people person album. Download the loops/parts via hitRECord.org. Tempo 108bpm. Go nuts!

Harder to Please

[audio:http://www.davidding.com/audio/other/hard_to_please_jubilant_fawn_mix.mp3|titles=hard to please (Jubliant Fawn mix)|artists=david ding] Jubilant Fawn (a.k.a. Jeremy Mullins) has transformed ‘Hard to Please’! You can download the MP3 here. Make sure you crank up the bass! If you’d like to remix it yourself, you can get all the stems on hitRECord.org. In other ‘Hard to Please’ news, hitRECorder Bloemday has made […]