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so hard to please you?

[audio:http://www.davidding.com/audio/album/peopleperson/03_hard_to_please.mp3|titles=hard to please|artists=david ding] download MP3 here I wrote and demoed ‘Hard to Please’ back in July of last year. Since then, it has become a bit of a favourite. It gets a great response live (I’ve played it at almost every gig I’ve done since). And the “finished” version was pretty much unanimously singled […]

time is repetition is time

a while ago, the wonderful sarah daly turned me on to hitRECord.org, a “collaborative community” started up by none other than the splendid actor joseph gordon-levitt. i lurked on the site for a while, enjoying numerous pieces of music, writing, film, etc. that had been created – and subsequently reworked/remixed – by its members. finally, […]