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new Fire at Sea song: ‘The Rut’

The guitar track that forms the basis of this song was sitting on my hard drive for months. I was really happy with the feel of it and was excited for it develop. But I really struggled to come up with a vocal for it. So eventually, I turned to someone who’s a whole lot […]

Fire at Sea in an apartment

On 2 March, Sarah Daly and I got together to play music together at Sarah’s apartment. Or should I say now former apartment – she moved to Scotland just a few days later. Despite our multiple collaborations, this was only the second time we’d ever played together in person – and, what with the migration, […]


after an inexplicably long absence, diminishers have reappeared, having changed their name to fire at sea. they’ve touched up those four songs from last year and have released them as their debut EP, which they have confusingly named diminishers. check out their new site, where you can download the EP for free, here.