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level up! [achievement test]

so, last week, i took attempt 1, split it into four, and expanded each part, adding electronic elements created with the roland mc-303 i used on the 2007 rpm thing. much progress was made – though in the end, two of the four just weren’t up to scratch. but two were – and these are […]

achievement test: attempt 1

i made my first attempt at building something from the achievement test samples. it’s a short piece – nothing too radical: just assembled loops [some treated with effects]; no additional recorded elements …yet. the track, in .aif format, as well as the piece split into its component channels, can be downloaded here. if you’d like […]

achievement test [creative commons project]

  quick link: if you already know the score and just want the files click here. the score: the school at which i work is holding its achievement test(s) for incoming students. this means i have little/nothing to do this week. so, i decided to develop a project. the initial plan was to record some […]