undermind live at the village video

‘undermind’ was this vaguely experimental song-thing i recorded in the prolific pre-leaving cert (final exams for irish secondary school students) period of early 2002. it sort of got lost in the whole mess of crap i was spewing forth at the time.

when i was planning the set for the gig at the village [in late 2005], i knew i wanted to include ‘apple tree’. that song is in a weird, sonic youth-y, non-standard tuning, so – since i would need to change guitars – i figured i should do more than just one song using it.

‘said you did’ and ‘the i inside me’ were also considered [in fact, ger and i even rehearsed them], but were soon dropped. ‘undermind’, though, not only sounded good, but was ridiculously fun to play. thus, it was kept in the set – and actually ended up being the highlight of the gig.

so… here – preceded by the very end of ‘apple tree’ and a delightful segue – it is:

for none

finished for none four song ep
for none cover
to download click here
or listen online now

for none - pic1 for none - pic2 for none - pic3

considering how i ended up stripping down/minimizing/simplifying most of it

– and how i took a ridiculously lazy attitude to mixing it
the time it took to complete this is frankly hilarious/obscene
but anyway…
coming soon: gig, vid, rpm.