stereo lies

stereo lies


  • released: 16 april 2011
  • based on/features extensive sampling of ‘beautiful oddity’, written and performed by sarah daly (2010)
  • end sample: ‘surrender to strangeness’ by buck 65, written by buck 65, charles austin, graeme campbell – from the album secret house against the world

stereo lies (beautiful oddity)

celluloid spies
control your eyes
while stereo lies
hit from both sides

not what you see
or what you feel
it’s what you believe

how could i
not sympathize
your little smile
you try to hide

those bits of seeds
of doubt you feed
are running free

but you proceed
to disagree
they won’t retreat

but you’re a dream that’s impossible to see
just a dream, you’re impossible to me

wear your disguise
stop asking why
break up those ties
and say goodbye

no other way
nothing you say
can make them stay

and every day
they never age
while you turn grey

but you’re a dream that’s impossible to be
just a dream; you’re impossible

you’ve got to fall on your knees
you’ve got to give it all to me
until you see what you need
and separate the taunts of thieves

you’ve got it all wrong

and when you stop losing sleep
and when you start to believe
they’ll get to see all you mean
and see the true oddity

we’ve got it all wrong

©2011 david ding