• released: 29 august 2007
  • all songs written by: david ding


you used to stand so big and tall
you used to be above it all
you never thought that you could fall
your enemies were just too small

but now, i’m smiling as i’m watching your defeat
goliath being brought down to his knees

just a sling and a rock
is all it takes; it’s all i’ve got
you have your armour; you have your sword
but on my side, i’ve got the Lord

and now He’s guiding me to certain victory
you lost because your faith’s in what you see

there’s only one star you’ll see in the daytime
and it keeps the sky blue with its sunshine
and you can lock yourself in your rectangular room
with all of your friends to accompany you
but you can’t stop the blood seeping out through the walls
forming rivers as it gathers, as it flows, as it falls

i’ll finish you off with your own blade
i’ll take your head and all you’ve made


i said my piece and i elected to stay
but these disagreements wouldn’t dissipate
now it’s three years later and this house we’re in
couldn’t be less stable and now i’m wondering

if it’s something that we wanted
we wanted all along

when we first met, you were on your own
you told me it was different, but the difference didn’t show
and when it caught up with you, i knew that i’d been wrong
i thought that you could help me, but now i see that

you were just another one
you’re just another one
taking everything you wanted
and giving nothing in return

and now the ground that we’re standing on
it shakes so hard i know we won’t last long
and as the walls come down you look to me
because what’s around is what never should have been

i found my feet but now i’m slipping away

©2007 david ding