for none

for none


  • released: 15 january 2008
  • all songs written by: david ding

the wrong tone

the initial twist was still before the split
i know that comfort wasn’t much to lose

and though i relished some distraction from the second interaction
there was something not right on the tip of my tongue

things left unspoken cut just the right tone

while i searched for my muse, you were siphoning off
all the energy i’d stored for those nights ahead

what were you thinking? what did you think this could be?
i thought we’d set the level; i thought we understood

things left unspoken cut just the right tone

the vibes

a public servant doing public disservice
got eggs in baskets; got fingers in pies
had it occurred to me that it could be
such an easy pursuit – well, what would you do?

are you a little bit shy?

this jewel of a dream will only survive if i’m closing my eyes

but you’ve got something that i’ve never ever seen before

i hope you like this, because i do
i’ll scratch beneath the surface

but “no” you say, that it’s not what you want
that’s okay, we’ll just keep it this way

you’re looking at me and we’re exchanging views
only to be disturbed by a hatchling confused

but maybe it was better like this
and maybe next time i’ll just look away

but you’ve got something that i’ve never ever seen before

the tease

what were you thinking when he spread you wide?
are you as precious as him? is that why you let him in?
you worship all he says in his single tone
upon his single throne where he sits in your eyes

but all eyes on you as you do what you do

you make your senseless entrance and you leave the same way
there’s a charming emptiness in everything you say
[higher and higher we had stairs to climb]
now two weeks later and we’re in the same spot

i’ve got you dancing around me
but what it looks like is exactly what it’s not

because you’re not here for me and i’m not here for you
so let’s just do what we do? all eyes on you

the chokehold

last chance would’ve been too soon
but the second one is racing ahead
stretch out that first syllable and send it high

you are not in control

you bend your arms behind your back
and you put out your chest
but what’s it lacking beneath?

i didn’t set out to impress myself upon you
and if you’re disappointed now
well, i’m not working just to change your mind

you are not in control

you’ve got nothing to do but you’re still here
you know you’ve got to tap out

the smile on your face may have spread all around
but its root, its seed is withering down

all this energy put into what’s just a display
just a charade
just an old ideal that’s dying away

you are not in control

©2008 david ding