• released: 5 july 2008
  • all songs written by: david ding

some assembly required

you read it in a book
a book of fairy tales
you want to bring to life
a work of fiction

you take a piece of land
one that was never yours
and then you wonder why
the natives rebel

i see no reason for it personally
they’re not like us disregard equality

you introduce a pal
one that can save them all
but they’re not interested
they’ve got their own friends

you try another tool
the threat of violence
it seems to do the trick
it keeps them quiet (for now)

go west go west go west go west
your destiny is manifest

you want to reassure
your true electorate
and so you build a wall
to keep them locked in

cuz if you hold them down
oppress for long enough
they’ll never ever want to
rise up and wreak vengeance on you

model of excess

catch myself in the glass
oh i’m in a whole different class

watch me walk into this room
fill the air with my perfume
i know enough to know i can presume
it’s not a question of if, but a question of whom

yes i’m one of kind
not like all those i’ve left behind

well why should i have to explain
when i can delegate the blame
self-control’s not the way i play
if i can give it no thought then i can give it away

take what you want from me
make yourself a part of me
give it up and give it to me
i’ll be what you want me to be

you can try to export your fear
but that currency’s no longer welcome here

but how can you say you’ve nothing to give
sell yourself accept the highest bid
there’s a mint to be made if you play the whore
why settle for enough when you can take more

the attack

enjoying times down at the sea
a wrap for you byriani for me
sippin’ on ‘hais that were 8%
expensive treats – but money well spent

and then he came from a corner of the sky
started circling us, keeping a watchful eye
out in the open we were easy prey
so we headed for the trees with no delay

no longer on edge, good times resumed
but little did we know, the threat still loomed
and as you went to take a bite of your delicious snack
our friend swooped in – this is the attack

peer support

i lift up the handset
dialing tone
dial your number quickly
hope you’re still at home
smile of relief
when you pick up the phone

i hit a low energy crash pt having gotten up at six
and having four straight classes in the morning
how are you? how was your day?
i’m tired
i miss you

i have a bit of a cold after the lack of sleep last night
i’m tired and i wish i could be there

there’s a blackout
the lights are gone
my neighbourhood is enshrouded in darkness
i don’t want to go to the other place
the vibes are bad there

and it’s spooky
but your voice
it comforts me

©2008 david ding