where did it all go so wrong?

where did it all go so wrong?


  • released: 6 october 2009
  • 1, 3-10 written by: david ding
  • 2 written by: joe morton and david ding
  • with: stefan hutzler [vocals on 2]; lizzie moore [flute and percussion on 10]; colm prunty [guitar and vocals on 2]

you can follow september 2008

i’m on my way and with a smile on my face
even though i know you’re right behind
a ghost of the past – but not my own
still you say what went for you is due to happen to me

i’m ill-prepared, that much is true
lack of supplies, but then i always knew
so i press on till i reach the top, where the wind nearly takes me away
and you catch up but you can stop and listen to what i have to say

your mistakes might have taken their toll on you
and everything that you achieved might have come unstuck
but i’m not you and you’re not me in spite of what you might think
and what you did might be repeated but i choose to go on

nothing is set. there is no fate. i’m on my way

piece of it september 2008

i don’t know why i feel so strongly about it now
after the fact; after it all
the relief of getting out; the relief of my escape
is now resentment that i was there in the first place

your eyes are open wide; but mine are the opposite
i try to look at the whole thing but i just see a piece of it
was it obvious from the beginning? was it clear from the start?
did i know the score? was i willing? was i willing to play this part?

i would never have given enough for you to know

were there things that i could have said?
were there things that i could have done?
and if there were, would we be here now?
or would we have just been sooner undone?

i would never have given enough for you to know

don’t have to mean it january 2009

the difference as clear as the distance in between
the sides of the gulf separating you and me
the time to hold on passed us furiously
never let me down; never let me

oh no

choking on the strings attached to your apology
explanation or excuse? i think we disagree
but i will take my place and i will put myself to sleep
if that’s the way you’re going to be

oh no

but you don’t have to mean it
as long as you say it

you want to eat your cake and then take mine from me
you want to break it up; you want to pull some teeth
you want to realize your every single dream
you want gratitude when we kiss your feet

but you don’t have to mean it
as long as you say it

sussed for passive december 2008

wake up cold; you send out a sideways yawn
look at the world; listen and know she’s gone
allow yourself two questions upon your tongue
“what do i have?” and then “what have i done?”

with motivation i’m on my feet
taking delight in a limited degree

it’s acquisition or learning
i never sussed you for passive
but either way you’re still yearning
and it’s a shame how it happens

gone for a day but i’m counting seven mentions of her name
it’s not the end of the world; but it’s still not a game
no time to rest; don’t let them take that walk
but keep it quiet so there’s no element of shock

in other places i’d get some sleep
to solve so much so inelegantly
with motivation i’m back on my feet
seeking the lightest adventure i can meet

meaningful but less than underexposed
reset your sights for the time being
when it comes, you’ll request the favour be returned
but it’s too late – you let them take that walk

matchsticks january 2008

i want to make you move without thinking
i want to make you bite your bottom lip
i want to make you say “don’t stop”
and then i will

i want to make you lose your conscience
and beg for more when you forget what’s right
i want to make you breathe for something
i want to make you mine tonight

and i will
if you will

to have you here august 2008

it was sublime a little treat
with question time and curiosity
we close our eyes; fall back to sleep
there’s no disguise and no faith to leap

involved might be an exaggeration
but i’m crushed with this infatuation
and to have you here
will make it last

and is this place we’re minority
but time and space take priority
and so we’re part of big machine
that doesn’t mean we can’t look in between

involved might be an exaggeration
but i’m crushed with this infatuation
and to have you here
will make it last

bay ridge blues december 2007

jump on in – it’s the new black
an insidiously mirrored attack
you’ll get blinded by the justice sound
so you better get up to the underground

this is the hot race
and with a new face
new face, new name
but forever the same

there’s only one thing left to do
so decide if it’s you

society falls with a twinkling eye
the centre and the middle are on opposite sides
the engine isn’t starting
but the cat’s in the bag
if there’s a postscript waiting
have a backup plan

graduation day may 2008

i made my mind up on graduation day
i made my mind up – that’s how my mind will stay
i made my mind up on graduation day
you made your mind up when you went away

you disappeared when you found out
how bad it was – how it will never be the same

he took my hand and he stayed by my side
he showed his face when you could only hide
and when i look back at graduation day
all i see is us in disarray

and when you chose to reappear
with all your news of what you learned and how you’ll save me
but the surprise of what you did
is not enough to make up for what you did not

wks october 2008

you say a gift awaits me
but from what i can glean
it’s not what you believe

reason with these
problems without clear solutions
shut the door on evolution

use attraction to distract them
i’ll attack the rumour’s traction

you say you want to be free
but your eyes can’t conceal
what’s underneath

feelings meaning
freedom won’t bring resolution
let’s give up on revolution

choose inaction
use distraction

where did it all go so wrong? july 2008

i’ve got my options all lined up
and i’m on my way
as i prepare myself for the final test
i think i’m going to stay

and at first it doesn’t look so good
as the future falls apart
where did it all go so wrong?
where did it all go so wrong?

but as the sun begins to set
i see that things aren’t decided yet
and the hazy orange glow
illuminates where i’ve got to go

i’m on my way

©2007-2009 david ding