people person

people person


  • released: 5 november 2009
  • 1-7 written by: david ding
  • 8-9 written by: david ding and sarah daly
  • with: sarah daly [vocals on 9]
  • photography by amy blanchard

new threat

i thought you’d left me behind
lost among the trees
i never thought i’d find
you right back here with me

why do you come to me now
after all those things you said?
that i was just a face in the crowd
that i was nothing in your head

i just want you
i just want you to leave

something’s not the same
there’s a new threat i’ve never seen
we’re playing a different game
and you’ve kept the rules from me

what did you think you’d find?
did you think i’d come undone?
well, it could still be your night
or maybe i’ll be the lucky one

i just want to
i just want to be free
i just want you
i just want you to leave

sergeant jesus

in a park, surrounded by you, decisions must be made
he has an inkling where that path might lead
hence his caution
consulting with his opposite
he hears predictions that he will indeed choose that role

or does he see it as permission granted
to unleash that animal
he ventures on this path
how far can he go into temptation?
calculating, considering justification
a performance with audience in attendance

hard to please

took your advice
got guarantees
learned how to fly
stopped wearing green

called you all the time
to see what you needed
but you weren’t satisfied
unless i was bleeding

because it’s so hard to please you
you’re so hard to please
i broke my back so you could stay off your knees

kept my eyes ahead
let you intervene
let you have both sides of the bed when
you said you needed sleep

read the little list that you gave me
and i cut down every tree
showered you with all those gifts
and i kept the receipts like you asked

because it’s so hard to please you
you’re so hard to please
i broke my back so you could stay off your knees
i broke my back so you could keep your fingers clean

i brought you the moon
then you asked me what took so long
i gave you the stars
said they didn’t go with anything
i turned off the rain
then you told me the air was dry
i turned it on again
you complained and still i don’t know why it’s
so hard to please you
you’re so hard to please
i broke my back so you could stay off your knees
i broke my back so you could keep your fingers clean
i broke my back so you could get off with ease
i cut my throat so you’d have more air to breathe

man of the world

what do they see in me? i’d bet you’d like to know
i’d bet you’d like a big piece of the action
i keep my head held high [keep my eyes on the prize]
never lose myself in the heat of the night

i put my blood to use
i let it flow
i’ve got a way with words [i’ll get away with worse]
and i will let it show

i am the man with the plan [got my supplies in check]
why don’t you tag along? [we’ll have a real good time]
you can learn all there is to learn from me
brace yourself, i’m about to let go

i have learned how to hold my breath
i have learned how to play their game
i have learned how to sleep standing up
i have learned not to know your name

i am a man of the world

good shoes

ice cold bitch
is that the role you want to play?
i’ve yet to be convinced
that you can carry yourself that way

you’re so glad to see me
you’re so pleased that i came
but now you’ve got to be leaving
you’re really sorry you couldn’t stay

you put on your good shoes
they make you feel tall
you think you’re above us
but how come you look so small

you stay on the right side
you’re careful not to lose
your so many good friends
with benefits you can use

you think that we’re blind
you think that we can’t see
just how much you’re lacking
how much you desperately need

put back on your good shoes
do you still feel tall?
the bigger you think you are
the harder you’re gonna fall
put on your good shoes baby
we might get along
we could have some fun
be my number one


you’re dogman, running on all fours
pissing on the doors
you mark your territory
your main superpower’s your magnetic charm
you bark melodies that can only disarm

you sing what we want to hear
you sing what we think we need to hear
and you make us your bitch and you have your way
dogman, keep us safe for another day

you offer a paw and you offer an ear
and with your touch pain disappears
and, of course, we know you’re loyal
so we don’t need a leash

you are our very best friend
always within reach

always singing what we want to hear
singing each and every note we think we need to hear
making everyone your bitch and then having your way
dogman is coming to save the day

arty buddy

this other friend of mine he is my arty buddy
ideas from his mind bring all the girls to his feet
removing their clothes so he can do them justice
it’s nothing sexual – just the creative process

he’ll only look – he won’t ever touch
but if he does, it’ll be appropriate
so he can size you up and make his picture true
and when he paints your face he puts his art on you

some people say you’re now a broken woman
and that you’ve cast a bad spectrum all over yourself
but my friend can find the beauty if you’re willing to try
and don’t worry, you can trust him, he’s a stand-up guy

he won’t look with his hands because his eyes work fine
but if a finger slips, well, just go with it
clay or flesh, he’ll sculpt until he’s through
and you can feel the essence of his art on you

his purity is whiter than snow
he won’t say much, but it’s all you need to know
i know he’s not too smart, but then neither are you
and that’s why you let him put his art on you

want nothing

what’s in a name
when it doesn’t suit?
when the room shakes, baby
i can’t hold it to you
don’t know your work
but i like your goal
it’s lucky for me
our paths were under control

when my eyes won’t close
how can i sleep?
i want to cut you
but not too deep
just deep enough
to make you bleed
it’s right to use you
when you’ve got what i need

you don’t like the way
i look in her eyes
could stop if i wanted
but i’d have to try
well hold on darling
to what you’ve got
when you’ve got it all
you don’t need a lot

but are you prepared
to take up the slack?
keep your eyes closed tight
tilt you head right back

you say you learn quickly
you say that you’re tough
you say you want nothing
…not good enough

outlook uncertain

i ask you how it feels; you say it’s great you love love love it
i teach you how to emphasize your point
you tell me you’ll remember, ’cause the last time you forgot it
then you ask me if there’s any news my way

time is spent on money getting harder every day
but it doesn’t seem to add up in the end
we start with such enthusiasm ready set okay
and on we go until we can no longer just pretend

that the outlook’s looking good; that all the signs they point to yes
that you’re sure to see results; that they’ve decided you’re the best
but the truth is full of doubt; see things are hazy, ask again
there’s uncertainty around us now and then

opinions, definitions, ours are different all the time
but i guess that’s why our conversations fly
meanings of potential – yours aren’t quite the same as mine
so then i ask if you’ve been off it for a while

feeling trapped can make escape much sweeter when it’s time
and misery’s a bitch that you can tame
sure i know it’s dangerous to go out late at night
but always thinking before doing’s pretty lame

’cause the outlook’s looking good and all the signs are smiling yes
and we’re sure to see results now we’ve decided for ourselves
yes the truth is full of doubt and no we can’t predict the end
but i’m certain that you’ll always be my friend

©2009 david ding