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new single: cut me up

Late into this year’s RPM Challenge, running out of time, I abandoned plans to record elaborate, multi-instrument arrangements of the songs I had written – and instead just laid down very basic acoustic guitar + vocal versions. The result was the demonstration blues album (which, listening back to it now for the first time in […]

RPM 2012 – The Album: Demonstration Blues

It’s not pretty, but it’s done… In terms of sound quality/production value, this is undoubtedly the worst album I’ve done. ¬†I just hope it turned out better in terms of song quality/entertainment value! Full album direct download via this link (.zip) Streaming player/individual mp3 downloads/lyrics here

RPM 2012 – Day 26: Partial Towel-Throwing/Here Come The Excuses

It is with some regret that I am, to a certain extent, throwing in the towel. Not the whole towel. But a good chunk of towel.¬†Basically, I’m abandoning attempts to flesh out the demos with elaborate multi-instrument arrangements. I’d been finding the whole process hugely frustrating. I suspect it may be because of the write-the-songs-first […]

RPM 2012 – Day 21: Tracking, tracklist (again), titles?

Currently working on songs. Laying down some electronic stuff. Going… well. This morning I put the ten demos on my MP3 player – in a slightly rejigged order – and has a listen on my way to work. I mentally made a note to do some further rejigging. And now the tracklist is looking like […]

RPM 2012 – Day 20: Lyricized

And so I followed on from yesterday. No arranging/recording – only lyric-writing. And I did it. The final two songs got worded: [audio:|titles=gouge (demo – vocals)|artists=david ding][download ‘Gouge (Demo – Vocals)’] [audio:|titles=13 (demo – vocals)|artists=david ding][download ’13 (Demo – Vocals)’] Now, all the lyrics aren’t all set by any means. The ones for the ‘gouge’ […]