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one-take cover #2: ‘cryin”

Double-nostalgia on this one: 1. Actual, mid-90s, Alicia-Silverstone-video-on-MTV-when-MTV-played-loads-of-music-videos nostalgia. (Video also stars Stephen Dorff and – hindsight surprise – Josh Holloway, a.k.a. Sawyer from┬áLost.) 2. Being one of those songs I fully embraced in karaoke while living in Japan. This one-take version I banged out this evening is a bit shoddy (the guitar especially), but […]

one-take cover #1: ‘i’m confused’

As my overall album listening stats will confirm, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Handsome Furs over the last couple of years. About this time last year, I recorded a cover of a song from their first album. But it’s really their second, Face Control, that has held a steadfast grip on me during this […]

two covers

On Saturday I threw together covers of two of my favouritest songs. You can download both via this link, or have a listen right here: ‘what we had’ (originally by Handsome Furs, from their first album Plague Park) ‘policy of truth’ (by Depeche Mode, from Violator)

not all

my new macbook pro and physical copy of ableton suite have been delivered, but i have yet to open them. instead i’ve been just playing and singing. i’m trying to get in the habit of actually practising songs, y’know, so they sound somewhat decent. while i was at it, i decided to record some. and […]

recovery position

three tracks – click here to download all three ‘you can follow’ – stream via written by me as the opening for the abandoned summer project. at one point it had lots of electric guitars and keyboards and stuff, but i ended up acoustifying everything… ‘piece of it’ – stream via reworked version […]