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one-take cover #2: ‘cryin”

Double-nostalgia on this one: 1. Actual, mid-90s, Alicia-Silverstone-video-on-MTV-when-MTV-played-loads-of-music-videos nostalgia. (Video also stars Stephen Dorff and – hindsight surprise – Josh Holloway, a.k.a. Sawyer from Lost.) 2. Being one of those songs I fully embraced in karaoke while living in Japan. This one-take version I banged out this evening is a bit shoddy (the guitar especially), but […]

one-take cover #1: ‘i’m confused’

As my overall album listening stats will confirm, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Handsome Furs over the last couple of years. About this time last year, I recorded a cover of a song from their first album. But it’s really their second, Face Control, that has held a steadfast grip on me during this […]