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people person photo shoot

On 1 November, 2009, my friend Amy and I got together with a camera and a whole load of glowsticks to shoot photos for the people person album cover. Most of these photos have remained unseen …until now! Here are a selection from the shoot:

handwritten 2000-2005

last month i returned to ireland, bringing with me a new sense of minimalism/anti-hoarding [moving three times in less than two years will do that to you]. so, i went through all my stuff here. a lot of things got purged. but a few things had to be kept. this included a whole bunch of […]

i can still see you swaying

doing some late-night cleaning up of my hard drive and was hit with some nostalgia when i rediscovered these photos from the ‘casual trap’ video shoot at lizzie’s old gaff, back in march 2008: [from left: kai pence, jeremy lawrence, kara adams, lizzie moore, jeremy mullins] so i thought i’d share. of course, you can […]