Recap: Shared Stage at TLS Frankfurt

David Ding can sing!

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On Saturday I did a short set at TLS Frankfurt‘s Shared Stage event. It was my public performance in about three years, so I was quite rusty. But it was a lot fun nonetheless. Who knows, it may even spur me on to try and play some more!

Cheers to TLS for giving me (and the other acts) the opportunity to perform. And to those in attendance for the warm welcome and response.

What was played and links to original recorded versions below.

Shared Stage – Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt – 8 October 2016


Recap: VeloCoustic at The Black Sheep (again)

Cheers to everyone who came along last night to the VeloCoustic show!

I enjoyed it, in spite of messing up that Handsome Furs song.

Speaking of… here’s the original, zombie video and all:

But yes, good times!

VeloCoustic – The Black Sheep, Capel Street, Dublin – 23 October 2013


Recap: VeloCoustic at The Black Sheep

david and ger - velocoustic 24 july 2013
(pic courtesy of Ms Lisa T)

After my last VeloCoustic appearance, I said I’d hopefully have more performances coming up soon. I’m not sure if nearly a whole year later counts as “soon”…

But anyway, it was a pleasure to get back on the stage. I had a lot of fun. Thanks again to Ria and Maurice of VeloCoustic. Big thanks to Ger for accompanying me. And, of course, thanks to those who came.

Kudos also to the other performers on the evening too: Gary Tiernan, The Guilty Folk, Yossarian Lives and the hosts themselves.

I made a crude recording of my set. I’ll see if I can clean it up a bit for public consumption. Watch this space.

I will endeavour to make sure it’s not another 12 months before the next show…


VeloCoustic – The Black Sheep, Capel Street, Dublin – 24 July 2013
(w/ ger lynch)


Recap: VeloCoustic

me at VeloCoustic at Rothar Cafe
(photo courtesy of/stolen from Mr Paul Horan)

Cheers to everyone who came along yesterday evening. Thanks also to Ria and the gang at Rothar Cafe for putting on the show.

‘Twas a lot of fun to to get back on a stage and try out some (relatively) new stuff. Hopefully will have more performances on the cards presently.

Here’s what was played (all songs originally from demonstration blues):

VeloCoustic – Rothar Cafe, Dublin – 2 August 2012

  • a not-so-shocking turn of events
  • requisitely sensitive
  • cut me up
  • find my way

last night’s gig…

a recording of the show was made and will appear presently.
for now, here’s the setlist with links to the original versions of songs:

Song Cycle – live Upstairs at Whelan’s – 13 June, 2011