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alice reshuffled – and more hitRECord stuff…

Just dida mashup of samples from contributions to an Alice in Wonderland-based collaboration on check it out on the site. Some other hitREC projects I involved myself in over the last few months: ‘Got My Hair Cut’ ‘Walls’ ‘Broken Senses of Everything’ ‘Desk Drum Circle (Remix)’

you say you want nothing?

[audio:|titles=want nothing|artists=david ding] Ripe for remixing: ‘Want Nothing’ [mp3], from last year’s people person album. Download the loops/parts via Tempo 108bpm. Go nuts!

Harder to Please

[audio:|titles=hard to please (Jubliant Fawn mix)|artists=david ding] Jubilant Fawn (a.k.a. Jeremy Mullins) has transformed ‘Hard to Please’! You can download the MP3 here. Make sure you crank up the bass! If you’d like to remix it yourself, you can get all the stems on In other ‘Hard to Please’ news, hitRECorder Bloemday has made […]

so hard to please you?

[audio:|titles=hard to please|artists=david ding] download MP3 here I wrote and demoed ‘Hard to Please’ back in July of last year. Since then, it has become a bit of a favourite. It gets a great response live (I’ve played it at almost every gig I’ve done since). And the “finished” version was pretty much unanimously singled […]

time is repetition is time

a while ago, the wonderful sarah daly turned me on to, a “collaborative community” started up by none other than the splendid actor joseph gordon-levitt. i lurked on the site for a while, enjoying numerous pieces of music, writing, film, etc. that had been created – and subsequently reworked/remixed – by its members. finally, […]