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(non-)friendly recommendations

This month I’ve made two purchases of creations created by creative friends. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but I think it might just be the first time I can unequivocally, without any element of doubt, say that I would have been overwhelmingly happy to have made these purchases, even if I had […]

I’ll tell you, baby, what I like

An old comrade from Nagasaki, Mr Aaron D., has a new band. And they ROCK: Hear this and more on their YouTube channel or MySpace page. If you ever happen to find yourself on the same continent as these guys, make sure you grasp any opportunity to see them live.

celeste presents: people person paper dolls!

the ever-fantastic celeste broderick has bowled me over by creating something very very special: a paper doll set to accompany my new album. it’s me with a costume for each song on the album – along with a bonus celeste costume! click HERE to download the .pdf which you can print, colour, cut and play […]

i can still see you swaying

doing some late-night cleaning up of my hard drive and was hit with some nostalgia when i rediscovered these photos from the ‘casual trap’ video shoot at lizzie’s old gaff, back in march 2008: [from left: kai pence, jeremy lawrence, kara adams, lizzie moore, jeremy mullins] so i thought i’d share. of course, you can […]

and when i caught it you were out of reach

so… i’m working on an album. i hadn’t wanted to broadcast this, for fear of a) it taking forever or b) it falling apart and not getting finished at all …like what happened with the summer project about this time last year. but at this (still early) stage, i feel confident enough to say that […]