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crossed your mind (demo)

[audio:|titles=crossed your mind (demo)|artists=david ding] new demo – ‘crossed your mind’. [MP3 here] sorry, missed a week! have a LOT of stuff coming up too, so might be missing more… :(

walk with me (demo)

[audio:|titles=walk with me (demo)|artists=david ding] [click here for MP3] this week’s new demo – that’s three for three! this is called ‘walk with me’ – for now anyway…

first light (demo)

[audio:|titles=first light (demo)|artists = david ding] Following on from last week’s block-breaking breakthrough, I’ve written and demoed another new song. This one’s tentatively titled ‘first light’ and is more downbeat, less aggressive than the last one. [Click here to download MP3] That’s two songs in two weeks. I’ll be pleased enough if I can maintain […]

detachment (demo)

[audio:|titles=detachment (demo)|artists = david ding] Click here to download. The last time I’d written a song by myself was in October last year, when I was still in Japan. Since coming home, I’ve been doing a fair bit of collaborating, remixing and playing live – but I’d been getting a little worried about the lack […]

the lot

two releases of unreleased stuff… in the summer of 2008, i attempted to write and record an album. i wrote and demoed a whole bunch of songs, but for various reasons, the project didn’t come together. a few of the tracks ended up on the wdiagsw compilation. three were re-worked and re-recorded for people person. […]