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Self-Retrospect #5: ‘Hate the Paint’

The fifth installment of the Self-Retrospect series, in which older, (hopefully) wiser me casts an eye back on some of younger, more naïve me’s more memorable musical moments. In this episode, I remember that time I decided to write a country song. Kind of. In the year 2002, I wrote and recorded about 80 different pieces of music. […]

Self-Retrospect #4: ‘Tiburón’

The fourth installment of Self-Retrospect, an ongoing series looking back at my past musical efforts and their respective evolutions – and pompously going on and on about them. ‘Shark’ was the name I gave to a little piece I lay down on the morning of Sunday, 16 December, 2001. It was a surfy-sounding instrumental, based […]

Self-Retrospect #3: ‘Flare’

Welcome to episode three of Self-Retrospect – this blog’s most overtly narcissistic series, which recounts the stories behind some of my earlier forays into songwriting. As we saw in their respective entries, the first two tracks on the Projects compilation [download here] were mostly significant for their lyrical content. Musically? Well, they each had their moments. […]

Self-Retrospect #2: ‘Never Knew Your Last Name’

And now for the second installment of Self-Retrospect, where I look back at my silly younger self, the often silly songs I wrote and the inspiration behind them. The first edition of this series dealt with ‘Breaking’, the earliest song I chose to include on the Projects compilation. That song was special to me as […]

Self-Retrospect #1: ‘Breaking’

Welcome to Self-Restrospect, in which David looks back on and writes about music he has recorded, knowing that most people don’t really care about it, but secretly hoping that one or two might. From summers 2001 to 2006, I maintained a site named davidsprojects. On this site I, put up almost every single bit of […]