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Self-Retrospect #10: ‘Hair Clip Surprise’

Welcome once again to Self-Retrospect, a collection of reflective/narcissistic posts about my own musical meanderings. In this edition, we go back to February 2006 and arrive at what would become the tenth, final and – in this non-objective listener’s opinion – best track on the Projects compilation: A quiet and simple little song about a lady’s hair accessory… Continuing […]

Self-Retrospect #9: ‘Virgin-Like’

Episode 9 of Self-Retrospect, the series of posts in which Older David looks back at some of Younger David’s music. Sometimes with pride, but mostly with deep, deep shame… After the barrage of musical activity in 2002, followed by the still-reasonably-productive 2003, things got a bit quiet. The main reason for this was my getting involved […]

Self-Retrospect #8: ‘Sentimental Baby’

Welcome to Self-Retrospect, where David waffles about himself and his own music. Thankfully, he restricts referring to himself in the third person to these little intro bits. In this episode, he finally goes electronic… The last edition of this series dealt with a song that directly derived from my listening habits of the time. Exposure to […]

Self-Retrospect #7: ‘Snug’

The Self-Retrospect posts are the ones where, instead of talking about how other artists’ songs or albums impacted upon my life, I egoistically attempt to elevate the stature of my own music by discussing it in a similar fashion. (Notice the use of the phrase “other artists” in that sentence.) In this seventh edition, focusing on the […]

Self-Retrospect #6: ‘Apple Tree’

Episode six of the stubbornly self-centred Self-Retrospect series, in which I go on and on about old songs of mine, as if they are of great importance. In this installment: mysterious metaphors, twisted tunings and bouncing basslines. Arriving at the tail end of that pre-Leaving Cert burst of activity I wrote about last time, ‘Apple Tree’ remains […]