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new Fire at Sea song: ‘The Rut’

The guitar track that forms the basis of this song was sitting on my hard drive for months. I was really happy with the feel of it and was excited for it develop. But I really struggled to come up with a vocal for it. So eventually, I turned to someone who’s a whole lot […]

taken out tracked white sound

Two new instrumental tracks – outtakes from the soundtrack to Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly’s upcoming feature film White Out. Download both tracks via this linkĀ or stream below. Although these two missed out, several of my contributions will appear in the finished film. In fact, you can get a little taste of some in the […]

Whelan’s setlist

Radio Kaliningrad (Ger Lynch + me) – Whelan’s, Dublin – 18 July, 2010 new threat [from people person] Tonic [from Pictures of Montevideo] hard to please [from people person] casual trap [from inaccurate charm] Back Room [from Pictures of Montevideo] piece of it [from where did it all go so wrong?] Overboard [from Pictures of […]