Castaways #1 – ‘01feb’ (2007)

After hastily knocking out a couple of shambolic covers and rounding off a series of masturbatory essays on my old songs, I shall continue my vain attempt to distract from the fact that I haven’t written an original piece of music in nine-and-a-half months by raiding the vaults once again.

At least this time, I’m airing some previously unheard stuff (or stuff heard by very very few people)…

First up, a recording made on 1 February, 2007:

That was the first day of my first attempt at the RPM Challenge. It was the first recording I made with the second-hand Roland MC-303 I’d bought.

It was a one-take, mostly-improvised recording. I was reasonably pleased with it at the time and felt it had potential. But over the following days, as I came up with more ideas, it quickly became apparent that the album was going to go in a different direction – and that this wasn’t going have a place on it. (The resulting album, Secret Battle, can be heard/downloaded here.)

I had vague plans to do something with it. But, alas, I never did. And given that it has been on ice for over half a decade, I’m probably unlikely to at this stage.

If anyone else wants to have a crack, feel free! You can download via the widget above. It’s released under a Creative Commons licence. Or if you’re a hitRECorder, you can get busy with it here.