Blast From The Past: Not That Hard to Demo You?

Trawling through external hard drives sometimes yields some fruitful (re-) discoveries.

In this evening’s case, it was stumbling across my original demo for ‘hard to please’. This song ending up being received quite well when I “finished” it for the people person album – and also when I played it live.

This demo was (mostly) recorded on 19 and 20 July, 2009. It featured a glockenspiel thingie (pictured above) I’d picked up in a second-hand shop in central Hiroshima, where I was living at the time.

Nearby on said hard drive, I found a text file which, as well as referring to the song-in-progress as ‘happy G’ – had tabbed out the main riff, and also a complementary guitar part for the verses, which, unless my ears are deceiving me really really well, isn’t present on the demo at all. And definitely isn’t on the album version:
E |---------------------0------------|
B |-------------0---------0-----0----|
G |-----0---------0---0-----------0--|
D |-------0---4-----2---------2------|
A |---2-----2---------------3--------|
E |-3--------------------------------|

It’s placed above the main riff in that file, so it’s possible that this was actually the first thing I’d come up with.


Here’s the demo: