new single: the desert

I still haven’t fully worked out the reason(s) behind my slower rate of musical output over the last two years. It could just be that I’m getting old! Well, here’s hoping that this single might be the first in a new wave of prolificacy. Though if the manner in which these songs came about is indicative of what’s to follow, it mightn’t be the quickest of waves…

‘The Desert’ began life in mid-July this year. It actually was almost completed in a day – with all of the myriad guitar tracks and the bass laid down very quickly. I then had to wait for some lyrical inspiration to arrive. Sadly this didn’t happen until mid September. But after that I was good to go. I just needed some percussion …which I didn’t sort out until now.  But it’s done. Finally. And you can hear it right here:

[audio:|titles=the desert|artists=david ding]

The b-side, ‘Disaster-Phone’, took longer. Much much longer. It was initially conceived way back in August 2009 and was planned as a central part of what would later become the People Person album. (For a while the title of the song was changed to ‘Dangerphone’ and this was going to be the name of the album. Indeed, the ‘Danger-/Disaster-Phone’ concept still made it to the artwork: that’s what I’m supposed to be shouting through on the cover.) The song was left of the album because I just couldn’t get it to work at the time. And, in my frustration, I completely erased the song – which is why it did not appear when I cleared the decks in Feb. 2010.

Or so I thought. It somehow made its way on to the back-up external hard-drive to my back-up external hard-drive, only to be rediscovered now. I tidied it up a bit, though it arguably still does not really work. But, given its unexpected reappearance after all this time, I felt it deserved to be heard. So here it is:

[audio:|titles=disaster-phone|artists=david ding]

You can see the lyrics and download both tracks on the single page.