Way back in early 2002, I recorded this track called ‘Slip’, an improvised piece, played with a slide on an overdriven, alternately-tuned electric guitar, which had a screwdriver placed between the strings and the fretboard:

[audio:|titles=slip|artists=david ding]

Little did 18-year-old me know, nine-and-a-half years later, that piece would be used as bumper music on a proper CD/DVD/book thing, underscoring words spoken by a proper famous movie person:

noiseball's tiny part on RECollection Vol. 1.

(You can preview the actual track – and even buy it, no less – on iTunes.)

In fairness, my bit makes up just a very very very very very tiny tiny tiny minuscule proportion of the release. Other folk, like my buddy Miss Daly, made much more substantial contributions.┬áBut still, it’s quite flattering to be included! :D