BLAU! [brief late-august update]


There appears to have been a big spike in traffic here over the last couple of days – due to my post on The Burning House, which seemed to resonate with quite a few people. Cheers to all the Tumblr users who liked and reblogged it.

I’m a little busy with college stuff at the moment (two weeks till our final projects are due in), so I’ve had to put some stuff on hold, including… [drum roll] a brand new three-song release – I’m now hoping to have it ready to go sometime in/around the third week of September.

One thing I did manage to do before things got too hectic was contribute to another Fire at Sea release, which you can listen to right here (or here, where you can also read the lyrics):

If you have a chance, you should also check out my fellow Fire at Sea-er, Sarah Daly’s new YouTube channel, on which she speaks and sings and tap dances* on camera.

I’d better get back to work. But I’ll hopefully be talking to you again very soon.

Cheers for stopping by,

*she has not posted any tap dancing videos (…yet?)