site updates: new music section; old posts

a few brief updates:

MUSIC SECTION now live! Features all my major releases (and a few minor ones), with download links, new fancy players so you can stream all the music right here AND lyrics to each and every song there (including some I’d been too embarrassed to ever publish before!).

Also: all the posts from the old Blogger-based site have been imported into this one, so you can go back through the archive and check out what I got up to – if you are so inclined.

More changes to come, I imagine. Might overhaul the appearance of the site: this WordPress theme was initially just a temporary selection, though I have to say it’s not too shabby.

I might create a video section on the site. At the moment everything can be found on my YouTube channel. Perhaps I could just embed them here…?

Suggestions for site improvements welcome! Comment below!

As for new music updates… some stuff is in the works.