Monthly Archives: May 2011

Non-Album Tracks #3: ‘Wolves, Lower’

Welcome to the third edition of my Non-Album Tracks series, dealing with a selection of my favourite B-sides, standalone singles and other songs from releases that were not studio albums. In the last installment, I managed to go wildly off-topic multiple times – something I’m keen to rein in. Since my massive R.E.M. obsession which lasted the […]

Self-Retrospect #3: ‘Flare’

Welcome to episode three of Self-Retrospect – this blog’s most overtly narcissistic series, which recounts the stories behind some of my earlier forays into songwriting. As we saw in their respective entries, the first two tracks on the Projects compilation [download here] were mostly significant for their lyrical content. Musically? Well, they each had their moments. […]