Monthly Archives: January 2011

Self-Retrospect #2: ‘Never Knew Your Last Name’

And now for the second installment of Self-Retrospect, where I look back at my silly younger self, the often silly songs I wrote and the inspiration behind them. The first edition of this series dealt with ‘Breaking’, the earliest song I chose to include on the Projects compilation. That song was special to me as […]

Top Ten Albums of 2000-2009: #9 – The Argument

Continuing the series in which I explain why I elected to include certain albums on my somewhat spur-of-the-moment┬ábest of the last decade list.┬áThis time, it’s those revolutionary, not-so-young-anymore men from Washington, D.C. #9 Fugazi The Argument [2001] I got to know Fugazi through my friend, Steven. I’ve got to know a lot of music through […]

Non-Album Tracks #1: ‘Tightrope’

In this series, I’ll highlight some of my favourite non-album tracks, i.e. songs artists have released in some way other than on one of their canonical studio albums. For example: standalone singles, B-sides, songs on soundtracks, those new tracks on greatest hits/best of releases, etc. First up, my favourite song from one of my favourite […]