Le Cirk!

Had a fun, enjoyable and interesting time tonight at Le Cirk at the Spilt Gin Theatre Company‘s fundraiser for Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special.

Headlining the evening was Alligator Chorus, who played their first and possibly last gig with their new full, four-person lineup [three of the four were three of the four members of At Speed…]. They were great. Really hope to see some new iteration of the band soon.

As for me, first up, I played a short, improvised set. It was the first time I’d played an electric guitar on stage in quite a while. It felt… odd. I really seem to have this whole acoustic thing going on now. My 16-year-old self would be horrified! But yeah, I played:

good shoes[from people person]
day 5 [from secret battle]
never knew your last name[from projects]
charm offensive[from inaccurate charm]
outlook uncertain[from people person]

After that, Ger Lynch and I played our first ever set with our new guitar+keyboards Handsome-Furs-without-the-marriage set up. It was exciting – and a little nerve-wracking. Our soundcheck was quite messy due to the amount of gear and gadgetry we brought along, but the performance itself went pretty well. I was happy with it. Ger was, too. And I think the audience was not at all unhappy – so, win win win!

We played:

new threat [from people person]
Overboard [from Pictures of Montevideo]
casual trap [from inaccurate charm]
the tease [from for none]
Back Room [from Pictures of Montevideo]
Tonic [from Pictures of Montevideo]

After tonight, I think it’s certain we’ll be giving it a go again. Hopefully sometime soon. Will let you all know as soon as I do…