i think you think i think you don’t like me

Played a short, but fun (for me at least!) set at Sin É last night. Did four songs [setlist below].   [UPDATE: recording of this set available here]

Colm Prunty also played, finishing his set with a great cover of Jeff Buckley’s cover of ‘(A) Satisfied Mind’.

There were some other really good performances too, but I think everyone’s favourite was when Jason and Tom from Beatnik Turtle came out and played a fast and furious (actually, it wasn’t furious at all… more like fast and friendly) set of songs about beer, drugs, work (“Boo!”), sandwiches, beer again (“Well, it’s about a girl, described using beer metaphors…”), before encoring with ‘I Think You Think I Think You Don’t Like Me’. Absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to see them play more and more in the coming months.

On Tuesday next week (13 April), Ger Lynch and I will be playing at Le Cirk in Dublin, supporting Alligator Chorus (of which Ger so happens to be a member). Event details on Facebook. Hope to see yis there!

Last night:

Sin É, Dublin, Ireland. 7 April 2010.

hair clip surprise [projects]
tried, tested [i am doing this to hurt you]
all done [i am doing this to hurt you]
hard to please[people person]