ready? prepared? music?

the RPM challenge is to record an album in a month. basically it’s NaNoWriMo, except with music. and in february. i did it myself the last three years, working to the point of near-collapse each time, but ending up with some stuff i’m pretty proud of.

this year, for a number of reasons, i’ve decided to give it a miss. but this hasn’t stopped me from checking out what other people are up to. i was listening to the newest RPM podcast, when this song came on and immediately grabbed me:

this song pretty much sums up my exact taste in music right now. it fits in very nicely with my current Handsome Furs obsession, i feel. [by the way, that band now has a travelogue thing on – crazy!]

but anyway, yeah, who is this?

summer lungs, i’ve learned, is the work of one brendan renne of pittsburgh. he plays guitar and sings over programmed/triggered loops and samples. he recorded four songs [including the one above] in january to test out his new/current setup before diving into RPM.

and if they’re anything to go by, we can expect a pretty fuckin’ sweet new album come the end of february.

you can follow his progress here.