the lot

two releases of unreleased stuff…

public displays of consequence

in the summer of 2008, i attempted to write and record an album. i wrote and demoed a whole bunch of songs, but for various reasons, the project didn’t come together. a few of the tracks ended up on the wdiagsw compilation. three were re-worked and re-recorded for people person.

…and these are the remaining few:

public displays of consequencelisten/download via

  1. nerves  [download mp3]
  2. mo chara [download mp3]
  3. pdc [download mp3]
  4. jump for more [download mp3]
  5. the feast [download mp3]
  6. piece of it [demo] [download mp3]

the other little thing is my own remix of ‘teardown’, which i didn’t include on the tearing down ep. i suppose i felt it was a bit lazy at the time. but hearing it now, for the first time in ages, completely out of context, i like it.

so here it is:

teardown [noiseball remix].mp3

and, well, that’s the lot.

those were the last couple of things i’d had hidden away.
every single song i’ve ever recorded has now been released in some form or another.

with the exception of a possible appearance of live recordings of my last gig in japan, from now on, any releases here will be brand spanking new.

i suppose i should start working on some…