unravelling secret battle; 133 free samples/clips

secret battle was the result of me taking part in my first rpm challenge in february 2007. apart from vocals, it consisted only of electronic sounds – most of those coming from a secondhand roland mc-303. almost everything was looped.

as such, it’s probably the thing i’ve done that’s most appropriate for this remix buzz i’m on at the moment…

so: links to the component parts of all the songs can be found by clicking here.

if you want to hear the original album, you can download it here or stream it here.


Creative Commons License


‘teardown’ remix – DIY?

as mentioned in the previous post,
three people did remixes for ‘teardown’
and you can download the results by clicking here.

if you would like to have a go at remixing/expanding upon/reinterpreting the song yourself,
you can download the components of the song by clicking here.


  • since the song is entirely loop based, instead of giving full multitracks, i’ve just supplied the loops.
  • they are in MP3 format, since, well, that’s how any results are likely to be heard anyway – if you’d like full quality versions, let me know.
  • ‘teardown’ was written by david ding and kara adams and features vocals from kara.
  • licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike 3.0 unported license.

Creative Commons License

also re: remixing – if you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the documentary RiP: A remix manifesto. it talks about copyright, piracy, remixing, mash-ups – with lots of Girl Talk:

in the spirit of that (and this), i will be uploading more parts of more songs, particularly the more loop-based stuff… watch this space.


new remix EP – tearing down

tearing down

click here to download new EP, tearing down

based around the final song from i am doing this to hurt you.

features remixes by:
The Isemann Conjecture

and a special recording of the arrangement seen (heard) in the video.

‘teardown’ was written by david ding and kara adams and features vocals from kara.

image(s) from andrew morris.