unused clips: 104 free samples

i am doing this to hurt you came about in a fashion not unlike the initial plan from the achievement test thing:

  1. record some improvisation [mainly on electric guitar]
  2. sample the recordings
  3. from these samples, construct a few pieces
  4. add some live [probably acoustic] instruments and possibly some vocals

in the case of the album, i spent four days on step #1, improvising on electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, and my mc-303. step #2 took another two days and by the end of it i had nearly 150 different clips. about 55 of those were used to shape the album.

leaving quite a few that weren’t.

so, i’m uploading these samples along with multi-track files of a few songs that were further developed, but dropped at various stages along the way – for anyone and everyone to mess around with.

licensed under a creative commons attribution 3.0 unported license.
Creative Commons License

all audio files are in .aif format and have been separated into nine .zip files.

links to all are here.

below are brief descriptions of each collection:

38 clips of electric and acoustic guitar riffs, progressions, licks, etc. – ranging in length from 0:01 to 1:05.

15 samples of sounds/sequences created with the 303.

8 samples of percussive sounds/sequences created with the 303.

[“songs” – ‘fewer than few’]
krautrock-inspired repetitive song. four tracks of bass guitar.

[“songs” – ‘nobody’s in charge’]
bizarre-but-fun-sounding guitar thing. three tracks: bass and two guitars.

[“songs” – ‘interlude’]
slow guitar piece. four main tracks and one short intro track.

[“songs” – ‘smaller triumphs’]
short, fast, punky number. three tracks: bass and two guitars.

two “songs”, both on bass: ‘crows’ – a slow one with elements of ‘fewer than few’; and ‘treat yourself’ – a groovy thing that was the last track to be excluded in the development of the album [solely because its groove was so out of place…]

26 samples of various appliances/items of furniture/utensils/etc. in the apartment i recently moved out of.

so yeah, feel free to do anything with these.

if you want me to post results on this site, let me know…