achievement test [creative commons project]


quick link: if you already know the score and just want the files click here.

the score:
the school at which i work is holding its achievement test(s) for incoming students.
this means i have little/nothing to do this week. so, i decided to develop a project.

the initial plan was to

  1. record some improvisation [mainly on electric guitar]
  2. sample the recordings
  3. from these samples, construct a few pieces
  4. add some live [probably acoustic] instruments and possibly some vocals
  5. release the results at the weekend

i was then going to offer up the multi-tracks for others to remix/adapt.

but, having completed steps 1 and 2, i realized it would be more interesting to offer up the samples now, allowing people to create something without having any finished version(s) to use for context…

i will still probably move on with the remaining steps [though, perhaps not by this weekend]
and if/when i record additional tracks, i will probably upload those too.
[if you’d like to be notified of such uploads, let me know]

for now, though,
here is the collection of 28 samples for you to play with:
click here to download

if you want me to release/mention your adaptation(s) on this site,
that can be arranged [info in .zip file]…

more info:

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