inaccurate charm [rpm08 album] complete

inaccurate charm - cover inaccurate charm - creditsinaccurate charm - back

well it’s done…

throughout february i went through different phases of feelings about this one, but right now, having listened to the finished thing from start to finish, i have to say i’m pretty happy with it. it think. yeah, i am. my main objective this year was to do something completely different from last year’s one – and at the very least, i accomplished that.

anyways, you can hear it for yourself if you want…

to download the whole [subtly gapless] thing in one go: click here.

or, if you’d prefer to stream it online, you can do so via here [lyrics available there too].

it says it all on the yellow page above, but i’ll repeat…

big thanks to:

  • lizzie, joe, jeremy (morton) and jenny for musical contributions
  • jeremy (mullins) for drawing the lovely picture on the cover
  • kara for use of drums and house
  • and enda and peter for their kind offers of help

[d’oh! i forgot to include hirayama-sensei for lending me his acoustic bass… thank you!]